The Intro And The Outro

With Rodney Slater, founder member of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (in 2008)
So what are David Christie’s Doo Dah Diaries?  Well it is a project to gather and publish the history of: 
The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
including the creative histories of
Vivian Stanshall – Neil Innes – Roger Ruskin Spear - Rodney Slater 
“Legs” Larry Smith – Sam Spoons - Vernon Dudley Bowhay Nowell – Bob Kerr
It is an educational research project researching and documenting the history of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and the key members of the band from the early 1960’s to the present day.  The recorded history is progressively published in issues of  David Christie’s Doo Dah Diaries for fans to collect.
David Christie personally finances the project and whilst he only charges the cost of  printing for sales of the David Christie’s Doo Dah Diaries, sharing the history is one of the prime goals of the project.  (See Piggy Bank Love page to see how to buy copies.) 
Contained on this website are the following pages (links at top of page) :

Project Zone
The Diaries shows the “Tent” edition issues currently available to purchase
Piggy Bank Love details how to purchase David Christie’s Doo Dah Diaries
A Pictorial History Of Gargling shows issues of the fanzine 
The Strain gives some background to the Doo Dah Diaries project
Happy Campers tells you who has received volumes of David Christie’s Doo Dah Diaries
Waiting For The Wardrobe advises the current status of the project

Cool Britannia provides the latest news on Bonzo and related shows 
Big Shot 2009-18 David’s photos from shows (as used in the Diaries)
Sound Of Music details the current Doo Dah bands

David Christie has been undertaking the Doo Dah Diaries project since July 2006 and will continue until he has documented the full history of the band.  Any input to the history would be appreciated by David.  You can also help the project by buying volumes of David Christie’s Doo Dah Diaries, (see the Piggy Bank Love page), and build a collection of the most complete history of the wonderful Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.
David Christie
David Christie’s Doo Dah Diaries, PO Box 255, Wallington, SM5 4WL, England
For the latest news on the project and Bonzo-related activities, follow @DooDahDiaires on:


And whilst your are here....
Videos featuring David Christie or his photography
A link to a video of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band at the Koko in London in April 2015 (includes interviews with David Christie)
A link to a video of the Rutles at the Koko in April Elliott Randall interview by David Christie
Phil Jackson’s experience of being a Rutle (includes photos by David Christie)
A promotion video for Bob Kerr and his Whoopee Band at the Half Moon in December 2015 (includes David Christie)
Just a bit of fun, David Christie performing the Head Ballet with Three Bonzos And A Piano at his 60th Birthday Party
and some essential websites to visit
Neil Innes
The website to buy goodies from Neil Innes and lots of other fascinating information.
Sir Henry Lives
Mike Livesley’s website bringing news on his superb shows performing Vivian Stanshall’s ‘Sir Henry At Rawlinson End’.
Three Bonzos And A Piano
The band may have retired but the website is still open for business, and is run by Dave Glasson.